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RoomStayApp has been created to resolve the language barrier between Hotel Guest and Hotel staff. Its an interactive App where in Guest's requirements sent in any language gets converted into service provider's chosen language.

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Room Stay Application

RoomStayApp – The perfect solution to remove language barrier between Hotel Guests and Hotel Staff.

RoomStayApp is a set of 3 Mobile Apps:

  • Mobile App for Hotel Guests
  • Mobile App for Hotel Administration Staff
  • Mobile App for Hotel/Serviced Apartment

Mobile App for Hotel Guests

Guest can :

  • Hotel Guests App is a common app to be utilized in any Hotel/ Serviced Apartments, registered with RoomStayApp.
  • Choose any language to communicate with Hotel Staff.
  • Request services in chosen language.
  • Use ONE KEY Navigation option from any location
    of the city to reach Hotel.
  • Use SOS option and the hotel staff would receive
    guest’s location on Google Maps to extend HELP.
  • Send a reminder to the hotel staff.
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Mobile App for Admin

  • Manages the list of employees.
  • Allocates the job to individual staff.
  • Manages requests made by guests.

Mobile App for Service Staff

Service staff can perform the following functions:

  • Receive requests in the preferred language.
  • Continuously refer to the requests received from guests.

USP of RoomStayApp

  • RoomStayApp removes language barrier between
    Hotel Guests and Hotel Staff.
  • Hotel Guests can send his REQUIREMENT in his
    chosen language, this request gets translated and reaches
    to Admin Staff /Service Staff in their chosen language.
  • Navigation option helps Hotel Guests to locate his Stay.
  • Language Translation, SOS and Navigation feature will
    help to increase the confidence of TOURISTS.
  • Hotel Guests can rate the Hotel on Hotel’s preferred site. (Star Ratings)
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    The phrases UI and UX design are being used increasingly in application designing as they are important to create an engaging experience.


    The mobile first approach uses responsive design, which for a non developer sounds great.


    Respond to customer requests and collaborate with our team from anywhere.


    Android resizes the app layout to fit the current screen.Therefore, the layout has to be implemented keeping flexibility in mind.


    Color schemes are an ever-changing, ever-evolving aspect of mobile app design.


    We provides unlimited elements of iphone and android that user wants to use anywhere.

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